Česká verze.

Lesson I - the power has awakened.

It’s just me walking on the imperial star cruiser and at once I find myself being in a room next to an Indian hut. I can see the highest target of Běhna - a squaw lying with a slightly elevated left arm shouting at her to-be-husband she has been kidnapped right now. My classical idea from the background comes to my mind and I pass my camera (my digital Canon from uncles Berserkers) to the Indian and pushed when he’s taking pictures. Out of the blue I’m in a room with a horrible mess in the middle of a funny story on a ridiculous planet where we are just about to attack. The Indian man is my son-in-law, Běhna was my dog(error in matrix ;o)) and after two or three days everything seems quite bearable. So I’m looking forward…

Lesson II - looking for the problem.

Asshole is behind the corner.

Lesson III - recognizing the enemy.

The story let me realize my enemy is the smallest Indian from Neverending Story but then I’ve realized I’ve been fighting the surrounding evil and my desire to break it. The story made me decide to absorb the evil; well, what else do you have left to do when you’re on the dear Kan-Li planet. After cursing everyone and everything I’ve met the Indian as a Slovak gypsy in the thirteenth department of a mental hospital in Dobřany and he had a go on me - that wasn’t my photo-chance yet. I decided to stay in my lair until the photo-chance comes up. It was a picture of a half of the gut and that lifted me up. Then there were things that cannot be described with words, not that they would be so horrible but they just can’t. Believe me

Lesson IV - hunting.

The evil stops but the damage what was caused by it - that’s what the Empire cares for from the very beginning until the end. We are here with you, full in arms - 54 star cruisers in retaliatory attack because your actors attacked us through record. Our strategy is simple - my photocopy was sentenced for abuse of everything and it intends to throw it on you, in spite of the escape from the ship, which is possible. Neither your doctrine nor our doctrine mention anything about endless court proceedings (nevertheless we laugh at those who believe in endless court proceedings). So hand in hand we walk towards the future personified with mutual fight for segregation and this chase will go on for ever until this parallel gets back to sleep again. So GO AHEAD, pearl hunterin, Imperium and Kan-Li look forward to the star show…

Secret report about an attack.

On year ago, after a jump into a designated area with a star cruiser, the cruiser started to slide out of the designated space. The crew came to the conclusion our universe is convoluted probably after a "king‘s mistake", changed their mind and instead of attack chose help calling the entire fleet and they jumped here to our universe already at the time of the beginning of stellar flights.

True is under the glass of paranoia. = [2019-03-29 System chlamidia-tv-Sun is agains our computer, which, what is strange, is important for our planet. Judge Kings.]

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