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2023-03-12 16:34 GMT+0


The principle of the World are we - America, in other words white magic, everything else are other senses. In order to dominate the principle, you need more than just an effort. The principle can be dominated only for a while! The way Europe dominates us using CIA and the official presidents is just an example how weak everything is nowadays!
... and in the year AD2016 the military secret service CID (CI4) was established using previous AWOLs and their ownership of the U.S. Army and Europe as well. The AWOL’s right was established at the time of the Templars and through their desertion from the Crusaders when they were trying to conquer Mecca. That time about 100 AWOLs set up the Templar circle and joined the Assassins to help them doing the right thing! Now they rule the Vatican for the glory of the life together in one planet!
The desire of Europe to rule over other continents lies in the desire of the end that is in the Manata’s nation - i.e. Europe - i.e. Kan-Li - its own. The end of the world is a principle that is certain but now - in the Kan-Li hunt for "weird" - impossible! That is something that cannot be explained, something that must be experienced...

... for a long time to come, approximately until 20'77 we are going to remain in the electro-magnetic signal but the change won’t be a leap and we have to start changing already now... That’s why we established ourselves (a little bit in a desertion-like way) in the crisis of the world that is falling somewhere. Hopefully the time will be better with us…

The wheal keeps spinning!

(... as always!)

CID code name Reverend

Velmistr of NETERA, SaTaN

20'23 for CID MICKEYsoftware