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Monday 2022-02-07


Catch I. - Original sin!

With your permission we travel with you from pulsar ∞,284 to the gravity system of the pulsar ∞,288 since the year AD2013 using pure magic as we being the magicians have taken over this solar system from the illusion created by the imperial transmitter - i.e. from the hands of the Imperium.
The task is simple: not to stop living (keep feeling the pain) in the universe composed not only of physical phenomena but also the astral! Diminish the fights between Kan-Li und the Imperium and let’s just start the atonement of original sin (king life in the unnatural electro-magnetic signal) already now - the end of the electro-magnetic signal to be in the year AD2077.
The mission of NETERA born today (or travelling) is protection of the planet from dispair of destiny and terrorism. Difference to the current soldier is obvious - instead of being honest and sending tank brigades somewhere to fight with each other they just send three NETETRA members there who are ready to do anything at the right moment (and we can see it on record).

Catch II. - Slow progress!

Speaking of our little dream we have about this planet or about its development, we are going to realize only a part of it, don’t worry - you will complete the rest for sure!
The task is simple: Disable or dispose of all the rotten civil secret service and replace its function with the already existing military secret service (in the USA, it’s e.g. CID). The reason is obvious → a soldier is quite soldier, even if it’s just a man, we know, right?! ;o)
The secret service must be based on a different principle than on the dependence on the government changing every four years, it’s not about the means used for it but about the power it rules over us, the free citizens!
I bet that the only ones who will opose this view will be those whose toys are going to be taken away with this...

Catch III - Rediscovery of lost karma!

I doubt that you know anything about it as far as the memory change and uploading of the fact concerns, or the human hack, but I think that the World War 2 didn’t exist (unfortunately, the holocaust did)! It is because we travel and at the end of the previous epocha there was a minor disaster controlled by the then Bright side of Kan-Li → nowadays, on the way, we bathe in the Dark side of the Kan-Li and the electromagnetic signal.
Everything has been once and everything will be again → we believe in continuity → let’s trust trully in money → and everything’s going to be fine! As I said before in the previous Catch II the development must be slow - for the reason, if for nothing else, that we just want to go to work as usually while accepting my Catch sequence.
In the nearest 50 years we are going to proceed with the ex-count (sWPS) and after turning off the signal there is an expectancy of 98 tousant years of life for us before the hydrogen in the Sun burns out again (the electromagentic signal is produced there) and the Netera - Magic as well as the Imperium through Kan-Li will be invited.

Catch IV - Law 350/80!

The numbers in the headline signify a special type of chlamydia which is a venereal disease used for the hydrogen production at the Sun crash in the Indian universes that are in us (Europeans). The designation ¨CHL¨350/80¨ means the monkish, dead, chlamydia (it can exist out of space and time). It is a vial applied on individuals, loners in most cases (one individual in 10 millions) and the actual effect of the threehundredeighties (familiar name) doesn’t takes place earlier than in the air.
The first individuals were infected already in the year AD2005 and that’s because ¨CHL¨350/80¨ must something like suck in us in the signal. It is good to eat nothing else than cane sugar (a task for the feminists) because of its CBD content fulfilling the Projekt 380 this way regarding informational technologies.
Don’t worry, ¨CHL¨350/80¨ are completely asexual (or their function (because of the children)). So let’s go up to our flatties (the new TV sets) with the feeling that when the electronics and biology connect → it doesn’t mean anything disgusting! It may be because of the air... ;o)

Catch V - The C:du Law!

Fighting knowlidge or arts, in other words C:du knowlidge are a supreme right of Netera, a right of being able to fight for everything good. It is a knowlidge of weather personification without which it is no possible to control a firearm without electromagnetic signal around the gunman!
This knowlidge has not been taught but it gives the time of use (to a normal mortal man). The holders are genderless soldiers (surprisingly more looking like men) - Netera members - personification of weather. The highest knowlidge of the white world is C:du! (Having no ranks, they sleep well (in Cobra)!)

Catch VI - SMARTdrugs Relationship!

SMARTdrugs that have been invented based on the principle of THC effects (expecially its rare "non-funcionality" in case of abuse) are controled by the system based on the Community. It is necessary that at least every young person uses these substances for a minimum of five years in order to become resistant to the so called otherside-schizophrenia obtained from the society as a result of undue abstinence in that age. Unnecessary paranoia resulting from this Community decision is raving about the extension of fantasy or combat skills of individuals.
Every opposition to SMARTdrugs is an opposition to the mission of life and Christian faith as such. SMARTdrugs are sold under control of the medical chamber in DRUGstores always requiring a little sitting area offering TARGAflorio as well. Everything must be prepared in a standard way in order to have basically a successful course of treatment of the patient. ;o)

P.S.: Anything is better than the current state of the Plants of Gods Time!!!

Velmistr of NETERA, SaTaN

AD2022 for NETERA MICKEYsoftware