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You shell not pass!!!

Once upon the time, around AD1948 when the world was moving from the previous epocha to our primal sin that still has been anchoring (now we togehter with the entire physical system have been located in sheer magic, saved for 100,000 years) and we are going to keep going, we are not going to get back to the previous epocha with the conjuction of spheres anymore.
The entire Saruman secret of success in victim is based on the fact it comes when the situation is at its worst and continues with the magical block to the beginning of the new epocha - i.e. the primal sin.
Our dear Saruman hasn't left this planet earlier than today in a newly built magic battleship as he sacrified the old one. You can read everything about his intervention and activities in this planet, the conspiracy with battle-magicians and much more in the work that was unfortunately copied back: Laďena Mráčková - Sword of Destiny. The work is an autobiography of Saruman and his Magical Helperin Jennefer (Jen né fér (only not right) ;o) ) from Europe. It is a big attack of America, in other words of our planet as America is the one that protects this so that the attacks aim there. When you ask an American battle-magician how to shoot a plane down from the sky, he answers: with a wildfire from my battle glove - that’s our America...
What more do we have say? Maybe just the fact that Saruman stood as as a statue for a long time and now he’s gone - away... So let’s try at least as much as he did. Thank you for your attention.

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P.S.: Day 20th October was dedicated of international indian day. It is sign of their beleave and their independency to Spain - or is it otherwise?! ;o) "Spanish language is pako (by indian language - pig)," saying South America!

P.P.S.: At 22th January 2023 was defintely defeated Gandalf like a creator of independent evil, so clon of Kung-Fu--vampire. He was gradually crippled coffee amorce and desintegrated. Saruman holded off band of pudicity, so saru, and will be to share on gover of this World without biases from now on like Satan! Followers of Gandalf will be hurled, that's the way.

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