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2022-03-23 16:21 GMT → 999'99-13-28 24:00 GMT

Let me introduce SaTaNaFIRM!

The firm was created more or less at the turn of a Epocha i.e. the fall of the Sun. It is an organization using many technologies and equipment purchased for the king's money in the previous period - in the time of the planned betrayal of Kan-Li.
Propeller, turbine or rocket propulsion is then already out of date and whenever one flies then using induction drive (I’m not talking about the BladeRunner drive - that’s through a bicycle). We have nothing against you - we want to help us and you survive - that’s all! Code: vcgdlh48k9i7vftyz. It won’t be easy at all, neither on our part nor on your part.
Let’s just realize that the electromagnetic signal causes global warming but that doesn’t mean we have to turn it off immediately - there’s enough time for that (estimation for AD2077). It is necessary to connect all the systems (sWPS, openG) and show the end of the World the true colours of the Lord of Creation! ;o)

The wheal keeps spinning!

(... as always!)

Velmistr of NETERA, SaTaN

AD2022 for SaTaNaFIRM MICKEYsoftware