Česká verze.

2022-05-03 15:11 GMT+2

The last ;o) aktualization: 2023-11-27 23:30 GMT+1

United States of Anonimic Alcoholics.

We're better than U.S.A.!
In the name of Martin Kreag!
... child what was tortured to death, member of HitlerJugend KinderComando!

Concepts real-price.info .

Velmistr of NETERA, SaTaN

--- AD2022 - 20'23 for U.S.A.A. MICKEYsoftware. ---

2023-09-12 we reached quite 2 billions of today's law affraiding citizeins (our) all around the world...
[2022-08-02 18:36 GMT+2 Do you have enough drons, you motherfuckers?]

We have a scheduentation in Washington, London, Paris and Moscow from 2018-08-08.
... more in Prague (agains protests of president Zeman) from 2022-01-01.
... and more on my loved Srí Lanka in Colombo from 2022-06-15.
... and more in Amsterodam from 2022-06-27.
... and for more peace on the North in Oslo and Reykjavík from 2022-07-20.
... and more was today (2022-10-18 12:34 GMT+2) created cell of CID named AI (agains impeachment ;o) ) strait in White House for establishing of goverment of U.S.A. insade U.S.A. (so goverment of majority). (It's bad times now and we must do for YOU -
- CID (Civil Inteligency of {Do}men).
... and for more peace on the North in Shanghay and Tokio from 2022-12-24.
... and for more peace in China in Peking and Hong-Kong from 2023-01-01.
... and for more peace outside of our houses and flats was 2023-01-01 started Odysseus - part of Rights Ellegant Defence (RED) - unique inteligency.
... and for more peace on this planet was produced 1024 tanks Škoda T-22 (Pitty) with timing technology and amphibian (12 bends/hod) from 2023-01-01. It will be goes through the time and space for your justice safety. (Timing computer is produced by Matrix Ltd. - don't try to manufactured it, please.)
... and for more peace at South of the planet in Sydney, Cape Town and Rio de ja Neiro from 2023-04-01.
... and for aknowledge agreetment of law on this planet Earth was founded state Bohemia on the Krym from 2023-09-01 - is part of Russian Federation and has an agreetment about defence with us - U.S.A.A.
... and for aknowledge defeat of Europa on this planet Earth was defeated U.S.A. in secret town Commemorate there on 2023-08-03 - will be it to dare to everybody, which don't want miss my fever to live in rightness of fashization!
... and for alnowledge of our idea (fashization) on indigenous territory of U.S. in Roma, Madrid, Berlin, Bratislava and in Pilsen DC.
... and 2023-11-27 for aknowledge our idea of safety fashization on plant of bank in the ground of U.S. in future (from psychiatrist's view should be your does with bank karma calls suacidial tendences) in the afternoon was through modern way, so through AnthropoXX, get control in all bank severs by firm Lost World Corp100%inside;o) for stop your so big and biggest bank freedom. Thank you for understanding...

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