Česká verze.

2022-05-03 15:11 GMT+1

United States of Anonimic Alcoholics.

We're better than U.S.A.!
In the name of Martin Kreag!
... child what was tortured to death, member of HitlerJugend KinderComando!

Concepts real-price.info .

Velmistr of NETERA, SaTaN

--- AD2022 - 20'23 for U.S.A.A. MICKEYsoftware. ---

2023-01-29 18:28:35 GMT+0 we reached quite one billion of today's law affraiding citizeins (our) all around the world...
[2022-08-02 18:36 GMT+1 Do you have enough drons, you motherfuckers?]

We have a scheduentation in Washington, London, Paris and Moscow from 2018-08-08.
... more in Prague (agains protests of president Zeman) from 2022-01-01.
... and more on my loved Srí Lanka in Colombo from 2022-06-15.
... and more in Amsterodam from 2022-06-27.
... and for more peace on the North in Oslo and Reykjavík from 2022-07-20.
... and more was today (2022-10-18 12:34 GMT+1) created cell of CID named AI (agains impeachment ;o) ) strait in White House for establishing of goverment of U.S.A. insade U.S.A. (so goverment of majority). (It's bad times now and we must do for YOU -
- CID (Civil Inteligency of {Do}men).
... and for more peace on the North in Shanghay and Tokio from 2022-12-24.
... and for more peace in China in Peking and Hong-Kong from 2023-01-01.
... and for more peace outside of our houses and flats was 2023-01-01 started Odysseus - part of Rights Ellegant Defence (RED) - unique inteligency.
... and for more peace on this planet was produced 1024 tanks Škoda T-22 (Pitty) with timing technology and amphibian (12 bends/hod) from 2023-01-01. It will be goes through the time and space for your justice safety. (Timing computer is produced by Matrix Ltd. - don't try to manufactured it, please.)
... and for more peace at South of the planet in Sydney, Cape Town and Rio de ja Neiro from 2023-04-01.

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